The City of Gold

Jetlag is a bitch! It’s absolutely the worst thing about travelling. To beat it we decided to split our journey back from Bangkok and stop over in Dubai for a few days (plus they have surprisingly cheap flights to Poland... Continue Reading →


Everyone deserves a holiday

There is no easy way to put it. We're back. We've made in around the world in 195 days... But before we got back we had a pretty incredible holidays in Thailand (and a quick stint in Dubai to ease off... Continue Reading →


This post was the most difficult to write – it took me far longer than expected. Throughout our stay in Cambodia we were surprised on a daily basis and deeply shocked a few times. Ultimately, if you ever end up... Continue Reading →

Gooood morning, Vietnam!

When I was 6 years old my parents took me for a 2-month “holiday” somewhere deep into the communist Soviet Union. I remember only snippets: enormous puddles, drylands as far as you can see and weird meat cooked by the roadside.... Continue Reading →

Life of an expat

When we packed our bags just over 5 months ago we left UK with a few existential questions in mind. One of them being - should we stay in England or is there a better place for us out there. We quietly expected to... Continue Reading →

Embracing contradictions

They say opposites attract. But in Malysia they don't. They don't even seem to coexist peacefully. The contrast between the poor rural areas and the high-tech modern cities is striking. All different religions and cultures seem to merge into a... Continue Reading →

It wasn’t love at the first sight... or the second... or the final as we waived goodbye to Australia and jumped on a plane to Singapore. Australia is simply not for us. Yes, the Great Ocean Road is quite stunning... Continue Reading →

Just can’t get enough

It wasn't love at first sight. When friends told us "4 weeks is not long enough" we simply didn't believe them. How can an island with 400km width hide so many mysteries? Well, it turns out with ease... We have... Continue Reading →


13hr flight from industrial LA and another two on a tiny plane... and we entered a completely different world. No technology, no roads, amazing views,  humid air, drinking freshly picked coconut for breakfast, diving in a "fish aquarium", trekking in... Continue Reading →

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